The Heartland States of America
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Getting here

There are many air routes between Ireland's airports and Kansas / Oklahoma - some include direct flights from an Irish airport to a US gateway airport with onward connecting flights, and others connect through European gateway airports (including London).

International Airports

The international arrival airport in the Heartland States are :


Kansas City (MCI) and Wichita (ICT)


Oklahoma City (OKC) and Tulsa (TUL)

US Entry

Citizens of the UK & Ireland are eligible to participate in the ESTA (Electronic System of Travel Authorisation) programme (previously the visa waiver scheme) and may stay in the USA for a period of up to 90 days when travelling for tourism (not work or business) without an entry visa

Expert Advice

When researching, planning and booking your leisure trip to the Heartland States - whether it be to visit friends or family, enjoy a fly drive road trip or pursue a favourite activity such as horse riding - there is no substitute for engaging the advice and assistance of an experienced and expert travel provider. We strongly recommend that you consult a reputable travel agent or operator at an early stage in your planning. We work closely with a number of travel partners in the UK & Ireland, and you can contact them below.

By all means feel free to contact the Kansas / Oklahoma Travel & Tourism office for the UK & Ireland if you have specific destination-related questions, or if you would like copies of our current brochures and maps. You will find our contact details on this page.


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Getting here

Getting to the Heartland States
connecting services from Ireland's airports via US gateways & Europe (inc London)

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It's time to hit the Trails ...

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Our Travel Partners Be it a flydrive or a ranch stay, rich history or vast prairies, native American culture or vibrant city life our carefully selected Travel Partners have the experience, expertise and passion you're looking for.

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