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Oklahoma Red Earth Festival & Route 66 (by Michelle Jackson)

“Will you come to The United States with me, Dad?” I ask my father. I’ve longed for a road trip with him since reading ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’ and neither of us are getting any younger. “I won’t go to a big city mind!” he says adamantly. I have Oklahoma in mind. “There’s Route 66, Will Rogers, Indian Festivals and of course lots of wide open spaces,” I add. Oklahoma is making a huge impact on the Irish travel scene for nostalgic reasons and its appeal to Baby Boomers. 

My plan works and we take a direct flight from Dublin to Chicago on American Airlines. With a short two hour connection we arrive in Will Rogers Airport to balmy temperatures and easily accessible car hire. “That’s a grand airport,” my father comments, as we set off on Meridian Highway for the start of our adventure. Okla-homa is a Choctaw Indian word, meaning ‘Red People’, and one of the most notable features of the Oklahoman landscape is the ‘Red Earth’ – the same earth described in the first chapter of Steinbeck’s Great American novel, ‘The Grapes of Wrath’. Red Earth is also the name given to a festival held every June in Oklahoma City and rated ... to read on click here 
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