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OK Sooners play again for the Championship

Semi-finals place for Norman OK-based College Team...

As in the previous year, the American Football Team of the University of Oklahoma, based in Norman, south of the capital Oklahoma City, is in the semi-finals for the university championship.

The University of Oklahoma team, called Sooners for short, is now in the Orange Bowl (the semi-finals) after re-winning the Big 12 Championship - defeating the Texas Longhorns 39:27 in the Final. Held in Miami, Florida on December 29, they will play against the current top team at College Football - the University of Alabama. The winner of the match will face the winner of the second semi-finals - Clemson vs Notre Dame - at the Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California, on January 7, and fight for the championship title in college football.

"College Football" as it is called in the US, is played by university teams. Once upon a time there were students who raised football from the cradle - more than 100 years ago; developed it and helped it to make a breakthrough. The name "College Football" has come to be used to differentiate the university-run, highest amateur class from the professional league NFL.

Although the Sooners only go into the semi-finals as outsiders, the university is long considered a stronghold of college football. The Sooners not only mix with their group - the Big 12 - at the top, but they also regularly play for the national championship - 17 times to be exact, and most recently in 2003!

In addition, the college football team brings forward, again and again, junior players. Quarterback Kyler Murray, the seventh player in the Sooners, received the prestigious Heisman Trophy this year. The Downtown Athletic Club in New York has been honouring the best young player of the season every year since 1935. A Sooners player received the award last year as well: Baker Mayfield - he's now a pro with the Cleveland Browns!

WEBSITE : Oklahoma Sooners: www.soonersports.com 
WEBSITE : University of OK: www.ou.edu
WEBSITE : Norman, KS: www.visitnorman.com

With thanks to authors BriKrae, October 2018

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