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Dodge City - A true Western town!

... and in the Top 10 again!

Every year at the turn of the year, "True West Magazine" - the leading trade magazine dedicated to the history of the "Wild West" for 67 years - selects the "Top 10 True Western Towns". This marks the 14th time that sites in western North America have been honoured, that faithfully preserved their historical heritage. Again this year, a city from the "Heartland" made it into the Top 10: Dodge City KS finished in 6th place.

"Gunsmoke" with US Marshall Matt Dillon and Deputy Sheriff Festus Haggan - as the longest lasting TV Western series (1955-1975) - helped Dodge City KS to worldwide fame. Founded in 1871 as a supply station on the Santa Fe Trail and located near the military post Fort Dodge, the town flourished in 1876 as a cattle loading station. Until the 1890s, cowboys drove countless cattle herds on the legendary cattle drives to Dodge - and then enjoyed themselves in the city, which became famous as "Queen of the Cowtowns" and infamous as  "Sodom of the West"!

The city's effort to uphold its historic legacy has now been honoured again by True West Magazine which, as in previous years, voted "Dodge" among the "Top 10 True Western Towns."

The Top 10 True Western Towns 2019
Tombstone / Arizona
San Angelo / Texas
Buffalo / Wyoming
Prescott / Arizona
Deadwood / South Dakota
Dodge City / Kansas
Fort Smith / Arkansas
Tonopah / Nevada
Albany / Texas
Pinedale / Wyoming

WEBSITE : Dodge City KS : www.visitdodgecity.org 
WEBSITE : True West Magazine : www.truewestmagazine.com 

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