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'Defining Black Wichita' - A fascinating new exhibition in Wichita

Since 1988, the Kansas African American Museum has been  located in a former African-American Baptist church
Wichita / Kansas - the Cavalry Baptist Church of 1917. The museum's permanent exhibition is dedicated to the
history of African-American citizens in the largest city in the state of Kansas.

Through until 23 November, the museum is hosting the first part of a three-part exhibition entitled
'1870's-1930's - Defining Black Wichita' . This section is about the first 60 years of Wichita and the emergence of
an African-American neighborhood in the 1870s to 1930s - the so-called West End District, which is approximately
four blocks between North Central and Main Street. Here, the new residents ran shops, churches, schools and other

The exhibition series shows a chronicle of the development of this African American community in Wichita, KS. It
focuses on education, social life, religion and economic life over a period of 150 years, and currently, the first 60 years
is the subject. The civil war had just ended, and with that - years of cruel enslavement of the African American population.
Kansas had become the epi-centre of the struggle for equality, and at the same time the refuge for African Americans.

The next part of the exhibition, shown in the fall of 2020, is to be called '
1930s-1970s - Heart of Community'
, to be
followed by '1970s-Today - Expanding Horizons'.


Kansas African American Museum , 601 N Water, Wichita, Kansas, www.TKAAMuseum.org  www.facebook.com/TKAAM
Tue.-Fri. 10am-5pm, Sat. 12noon-4pm, $ 6, including readings, discussions etc. on the exhibition - as well as
tours on the 
African-American History Trail www.tkaahistorytrail.org


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'Defining Black Wichita' - A fascinating new exhibition in Wichita 11 Oct, 2019

'Defining Black Wichita' - A fascinating new exhibition in Wichita

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