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Autumn is coming ... and with it the American football season

In Kansas and Oklahoma - the heartland of North America - it is College Football that lures fans away from weekend city life, Saturday after Saturday. It was students who conceived American football more than 100 years ago; nurtured it and helped the sport become the massive attraction it is today.

The term ‘college football’ was coined to demarcate the university-run, highest amateur class from the professional league NFL (National Football League). The nearest professional teams are based in Kansas City, KS and Dallas, TX. In Kansas, the ‘Jayhawks’ (University of Kansas) - located in Lawrence,  and the ‘Wildcats’ - based in Manhattan, command the support of residents. In Oklahoma, the ‘Sooners’ (University of Oklahoma) - in Norman, and the ‘Cowboys’ - in Stillwater, fill their stadiums at home matches to the very last seat. 

The team to beat is currently the Sooners - as of last season, judged among the best four teams in the United States. All four teams from the Heartland States are members of the regional BIG 12 Conference, which also includes university teams from neighboring Texas. In the coming months, all eyes will be on the ‘Gridiron’ - especially when the universities from the Heartland States face each other directly. 


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